Purchases Concern

I have great concern here.
For example i purchases a slot then i want to create a new acc and restore purchase on new acc is that legal?

Your concern has been the subject of heavy exploits in the past resulting in many flagged accounts.

A good suggestion for you would be to consult @tdaniel first through a DM or else this thread will be flooded with “OMG, I did the same thing with my fifty DQ accounts and now I’m flagged.”

You can take my post as a joke though and proceed at your own risk.

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@tdaniel men? Is that legal or what?

Thanks hahaha

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You seem to have grown tired of your Senn@ account too soon.

How long have you been playing that account already?

A months i think 5 or more, naa just want to try wizz, im thinking to buy a new slot or just create a new acc lol

BTW where are from @NUIQUE

Purchase is attached to one account/email address. if you make a new account, it wont have that purchase on the new account.

if you bought a character slot and had Warrior & Rogue, and decided you wanted Wizard & Rogue, then just delete the Warrior in the game and choose Wizard instead. this way you don’t have to make a new account and have to worry about losing the purchased slot or anything else you purchased on this account.

of course, if you have another reason for making a new account, then you need a Dev.