Purchasing character slots and the order not processing

i attempted to buy a character slot for anothe character, and it said it could not be processd at this time, but charged me for it anyway

after waiting a bit it i tried again and got the same error, and was again billed, but received the character slot

so i then tried to purchase the third character slot, only to run intot he same error and be billed for it

so ive been charged 2.12 for character slots that i dont have, and 1.06 for 1 i do have, which im fine with

i was wondering if i could get a refund on the 2.12, cause im reluctant to try and make any other purcashes right now,

I also had this problem, but after a day or two, I pressed the restore purchase button and got the third character slot.

Just email Shinyboxgames with your issue:


and I’m sure, the Shinyboxgames-Team will help you!

thjanks, ill do that if i dont get the money back soon or the character slot, google play is still being weird with orders so ill wait for now

Hi there!

if you still have not gotten your slot I will do a refund for you ASAP. Like Centra mentioned, just shoot an email to our support address (and if your google address is different please put that in the email as well) and I will get it taken care of.

We are sorry the transaction did not post, but thank you very much for your support and for playing DQ!

my money refunded so we are all good now, ill wait til tomorrow and try to get the character slot again

Ok, thank you very much for your support! Some users have had luck trying a different type of internet connection. So if you tried using Cellular Data in the past you may have better luck using a Wifi connection.

Thanks again!