PVE build

GUYS can you help me in Creating SEt
Give me some tips and advice i want to create something for pve with high based dmg without the effect of arcanist
Give me some tips what i used like the sets combo and any multiplying dmg affix thanks guys

I would suggest:
Frozen - Enemies explode when die for 25% dmg per rank dealt to them
Permafrost - increases ice dmg
Adventurer - increases dmg when you have picked gold
Momentum - increases dmg from movement speed
Defiant - increases dmg
Rage - increases crit dmg from crit chance

And then for epic/crystal affixes:
Elemental DMG% and DMG+, Elemental crit chance, Crit DMG, Crit Chance, Push the Limit, Glasscannon, Attack Speed, Weapon DMG+, Deadly strike

Thanks i 'll try that how about the resourse ?? Equivalence is good ??

equivalence, energy, or bloodmagic

It is good comination ??
2x 50% push the limit
1x 50% Barbarian
1x50% Glasscannon???


Except that . What affix i will put ?
Help me sir
3x15%movespeed for momentum
??X5000 ICE DMG
AND WHAT crystal affix i need ??

frosbiting 3-4 ice dmg 6 you also need a elemental crit :smile:

Poison is still your best chance for highest damage. with the help of arcanist you can melt carto and hit quadrillion damage.

Without arcanist, Frozen with tons of frosbiting will deal trillions of damage

@f00kee tnx i will do that many many frosbiting i will post the build if i finish
@Eater 6x5000ED for pve ??

@Athena I have 6x5000ED at pve :smile: