PvE high level farming build

Need advice on where to start in building a level 500+ pve farming build. I’ll start with the dealer perk after 1st ascension. But first, what class should i do?



Why wizard? I think I can see why though . Also I’m biased towards wizards in some way but yeah.

i thought of a rogue proc farmer but wizards good too

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Warrior too. Warrior tends to be best at move speed in comparison to other classes and still deal nice damage. Many lazy farm or DPS builds can be done via warrior.

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Shieldwall + knightscharge + 40 dex + procs( stealth, coat, sprint) + adventurer = THE FLASH. Lol

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You are faster than a wizard that has broomstick and probably can evade death without (ressurection stone, elder wand and wizard’s cloak). Haha. :joy:

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Rebuilt my fortune bringer farm build to deal damage and still be fasf and boy is it expensive. I had so many crystals but tons of crystals just die.

so in conclusion, i should spend the monstrous amount of 0.99 and get a new char slot, level it as a hireling. its gonna be a lazy farmer wizard. kayy

Lmao. Monstrous? Hirling slot cost less than a sandwich and permanent .

LOL, just in your country

Yeah that sucks. I was thinking of a suggestion where instead of $, in game currency that is premium and earned from advert boost to unlock hirling but also supports developers just as well. Helps anyone and even in the worst of countries probably (unless internet connection wouldn’t let that happen?).

I remember not being able to pay for the hirling slot even though I had the money so yeah. Eternium shown me that suggestion tbh.

I think I remember some kids I suggested to this game turned off by the 0.99$ even though it was easy to pay for in my school as well when I was almost finished in secondary education. Probably because they couldn’t get parents to pay for it, don’t have account of their own or don’t have gift card or some other related reason. It gave them the impression that the game is pay to win and they didn’t give it a chance.

I have seen good solo only farm builds that work very well in the forum and I think even Griffin made one at one point. In fact, I even made one myself back before floor 500 farming was a thing and it farmed like a beast even though I was a newbie.

Crushing flames does considerably help alot for solo farm when you can’t get hirling but even before that existed, there was Arcanist for high floor farming and before that, just crushing blow and high hits per second with survival. Single farm builds just don’t generally deal much damage but that wasn’t an issue until floor 500 legends came . But then again, poison used to be OP at one point so even then it would t have been an issue so yeah developers have made solo farming fairly easy and now easier.
Also Ascensions definitely helped too.

Yeah. The only black dot on dungeon quest is the char slots… I get it, what else could be bought reasonabli (defs not the gold) but still…

The problem is not the price but its the currency of the money and the availability for it to be purchased. You are required at least to have an account or maybe a credit card for u to be able to purchase slot. Why dont the devs changed it to some prepaid load like in some other games wherein u use prepaid load on ur cellphone to buy things(in game purchases). Thats why i did not bother purchasing char slot in the first place even if i do have a credit card because its risky purchasing online. Or maybe its just me. The only thing that makes me use credit card is when buying things(not online) and some bank transactions. But i think bigger comp were able to do that just because they already have funds and reputation to implement that kind of thing. :confused:

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I did via gift card but I’m aware not everyone has access to these things. I had to walk a distance just to get one and back.

I couldn’t pay via credit card or any other method than gift card.

if noy comfortable at wizard use warrior to tank then wizard will kill