Pve hireling rogue set affixes

hi :grin:

i usually use warrior as main and rogue as hireling(flintlock-ricochet)

these are my gears

now i think about change set affixes to crushing flames and element to fire.

crushing flames and fire element are better than these sets?

Crushing flames is an excellent affix. When using it be sure to get crushing dmg affix. You can also add permafrost, blistering, fire damage and imolate. All work together to easily give a crit hit with DoT

Id say they are equal. Frozen can deal quintillion damage as well, but with both itll be too OP for sure

yop! ! thx for answer. ill try that right away

well now i change crushing flame and fire ele . for now i just satisfying with them haha :grinning:

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I’m also looking closely at Inferno affix. Seems like most elemental affixes can be converted to any element.


Mt rogue hireling has the crushing flames bonus and also does electric DMG with her OH to coincide with my wizard. Seems to be working with no flops …yet… On my way to floor 1k playing on M3.