PVE Reactor WIZ Hireling for Luck (Tanky)

Hi There,

i want to creat a wiz hireling for floors above 700 for farming with max luck.

My main is a flintlock rogue and like to stay with an ice build on the Wizard for much more crowd control, because if the rogue doesnt dodge an enemy attack he is dying. I like the Orb with reactor.

For the pet i got only a cosmic orb which suites the wizard or and bad deadly art, bad element (cause no ice boost available).

So here the ideas:

Epiphany hood for the 70% dmg
frozen for the nice explosion
arcanist, does the crit dmg boost effect my main?

what should i take for the missing set? May be Permafrost?

Base Items:
Chest - Aether
Hood - Epiphany
OH - insolence
Weapon ? - Scoundrel/Masochism/Haunting - Weapon Dmg Legend or Elemental DMG Legend?
Neck - Haunting
Ring - ?

Discordance - Skill? Does the DMG effects the orb after Discordance?

if you have arcanist partner it with ascendent