PVE ->Rogue flintgun


I’d love to see one of these crushing flames (6) builds with one of the new sets ,:heart_eyes:

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I liked the mercenary…But i need to use sword☹️.Maybe shadows work as Frozen…I dont know How the aoe Works on stealth(Stealth your allies?I dont know!).You need to use a Lot of myths to make a good damage on mithtech(10 mythstones to gain 50 damage)So…i dont know If the New sets are good in PVE.

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That’s a good build. But i was wondering how could you get 550% eternal & crystal legend find rate and 62.5% Ultra rare legend find rate if you don’t have Eternalized, Crystalline and Nadroji set affix? Hmm

Just use a main build with Farm sets