Pve -Warrior and rogue flintlock


-30 fanaticism(75%charge proc) with taunt always immolate and freeze in the same time(Fast kill with one explosion using rogue hireling).
-40 charge: more range and 100 % stun (we dont need to freeze with primary skill).
-blistering 100%:always bleed enemys to increase damage,speed and enemies miss atacks(Brutality , suffering,Frenzy)
-Warrior lures and rogue kills everyone!


nice build keep sharing mate!

I can visualize how these two works together in killing mobs.

The rogue will freeze everything within its range.
The warrior will just trigger the Crushing Flames set effect.
The mobs will then explode consequently.

Just in addition, for the warrior build, you only need elem crit to trigger sa Crushing Flames set effect, so blistering won’t be needed.
For the rogue, the execute dmg only applies on mobs which has less than 25% of the current hp, so with the frozen effect, they only explode with current max hp%, execute dmg could be replaced with anything better affix.

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I did some changes …i Will POST later!ty for the tips