Pvp 2.3 guide

Goodday since the recent 2.3 patch has been implemented der been a lot of changes in game. thread for pvpiers discussing 2.3 meta

for newbies whos aiming for top1 eternal div 1. heres some advice which could help you.
best way to climb up to the top is build tanky w/ decent dmg. atleast 85-100k+ hp w/ some defensive affixes (even some warriors got 280-400k+hp on arena) u can still do dmg path specially if ur a wiz just rely on ur mana shield for defensive. but tanky build is the most viable option now a days now here are some affixes that are highly needed in pvp.

Hp10000 4-7x great hp boost
ED 5000 4-7x great dmg boost in arena better than 100%ed.
wd 5000 - prefer putting this on both ur mh and oh cuz u will both be using them a lot.
40-120% perseverance - great anti-firebleed build in 120% dot dmg will be 0 on u.
reflect dmgx1 - reflect dmg is very low but the main function on this affix is to trigger hp on hit affix upon activating.
pushlimit- great dmg multiplier does not reduce ur hp good in pvp.
glasscannon-(optional) great dmg multiplier but sacrifice some hp.
frozen/stun/blind/fear/taunt immune- just choose the most important depends on the pvpiers in arena. a lot pvpiers use blind, fear, taunt in pvp. but i use stun immune cuz almost 75% of pvpiers in arena got stun talent and lightning element. frozen immune against the rogue malunya his ice build w/ vial oh so u basically cant move against him if u dont have this affix. but this immune affixes are optional u can either use hp%affixes to be more tanky and rely on torrent/reflect dmg triggering leech upon ur disabled upon survival.
2% hp on hit2x(i dont know bout this if its still works well since i feel like its been nerf. im not sure if crystal version is better now in 2.3 or stil mythstone)

mythics: mh cosmic orb-most popular cuz of its dmg and aoe works well w/ living force.
ruptured - great dmg boost just use scalp for bleeding it is spammable and deal high dmg/dot dmg
enigma - this is pretty popular for rogues who use chakram, wiz, toss build warriors
vanish - mostly close combat build use this mainly for survival and blind.
resource mythic- bloodmagic/fury/equivalence are popular in arena.
sanctuary - game changer (mandatory)

important set affixes.
cerebral vortex - pvp wise
defiant-good dmg boost and reduc
pathfinder - for dodge build
deadlyarts - for deadlystrike build for dmg reduc
plague/vampairic touch/faunt gift(luck build), battlemage(warrior build)- for tankiness hp boost

OH special -most popular is scalp and skulldraga

for crystal affixes get all defensive affixes on ur gears such as dodge, hp%, armor, resist, block, luck(fauns gift build)

for element use lightning since it does not rely on elemcrit. good dmg buff can trigger without it. use fire w/inferno affix if ur goin bleed build

gameplay - just spam ur skils to proc cosmic orb this will ur main dps in arena better w/ living force. dont stay on 1 place upon hitting target cuz vortex will spwn on ur ground since almost all pvpier got cerebral vortex affix for those who dont have teleport/vault oh skil to move place swiftly use enigma mythic. ul mainly face lots of warrior w/ 150-400k hp dont rush and thinkwel kite them dont fce them headon u will lose. time well ur silent and remove debuff(always reserve this one for the right time) becareful on the warrior who use charge w/ vanish mythic cuz it has small aoe blind effect it could be lethal.

overall it all depends on u how u make better builds and how u use it well w/ just decent build and hardwork anyone/anychar can reach top 1.

btw all cheaters been move to ban league now.

hope someone could answer this since der been a lot of issue regarding hp on hit been nerf. for 2.3 pvp which is better 2%hp on hit myth or 500hp on hit crystal affix? (as for me im using 2xmyth and 1x500 hp on hit just to be safe)


Thanks for the guide it will be alot of help for us newbies. :smile:

The Mythstone heals 2% Heath on hit. This is based on your base health that is comprised of your Health skill. The 2% does not take into account all of your other bonuses (i.e. gear).

Therefore, the maximum that it can heal is 400, and that would be with your Health maxed with 294 points into it.

@Skaul so crystal version hp on hit is better in both pvp/pve right?

@versus ur welcome goodluck

Yes unfortunately you would have to sacrifice a crystal slot for it.

for pvp i guess its worth it atleast u can save 2 slot affix from (2xmyth on hit hp)

though in pve i dont use hp on hit since i got 100hp only lel. @Violetisfat

Just curious - is Reflect DMG affix good for any reason other than activating your HP on hit?

It seems to me that when Reflect DMG hits my opponent it would also have a chance to trigger their CV Torrents, which would ultimately put me in a worse position- is that so you think?

damage to elite is good on pvp?

and coat proc? thnx.

dmg elite no
coat yes

@JesusSaves its kinda hard to xplain but reflect wont realy result to procing tons of torrent from cereb base on my xp from playin with or without reflect the number of torrents i received from opponent with cereb affix are relatively the same

@bodak18 i tested adding 25% elite dmgx3 on pvp but dmg boost isnt too big better invest on other affixes

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Dmg to Elite should be 9% damage increase for 25% at level 100. So it’s a 9% boost of damage. Mythic 2% HP is severely nerved now since it results in 0.6% at lvl 20, on base HP. If you have 7x 10k HP on your gear, it results in ~90 HP on hit. Don’t know how much you get from Crystal Affix these days.

With eternal Unreal Hood/Fabled Staff and Epic Affix x2 you can get 108 HP on hit.

Allowing Sanctuary in the arena is the most questionable PvP implementation I’ve ever seen. I’m legitimately baffled.

Same for CV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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