PvP 240k health

How does one achieve that much health in PvP? The highest I can get to is 24k, and I’m at a loss as to how to get it anywhere close to that level. I’m using 10k health enchanted on almost all my gear, what sets should I be focusing on to help?

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10k health on every piece, Faun’s Gift, 3+ crystal Luck affix, 75% HP crystal, and a 20k Hp pet.

Mix and match.

20k hp if he is lucky enough to loot eternal pet. :d


I have 1m HP at arena

I haven’t faced your 1M hp guy yet. Can’t wait to face him. I saw you having 240k hp and being tanky with dmg reduction but not 1M hp currently.

I have 330k hp build 480k hp build in arena w/ 700+ power . Wizard

my 1M hp was already gone long timrle.ago due to fail it was only.focus at hp no block nor atk but its a good thing to waste a time to other player that who encounter it in the past few patch im im trying to improve it and balance like 400-600k HP and 300-400 Atk as my targer build

Ok fair enough.