PVP and heroic point

Does heroic points applied on under Battle Arena?

On items ect. guide shot…

And charactor’s heroic points applied on it?
Ect) charactors own leveling points. Strength, dexterity…

heroic points doesn’t count on PVP

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Even on items?

Some gladiator set has strength, intellect,why it is?

I thought heroic points are also used on PvP?


I’m also curious about this. Can we get an exact answer if the heroic points work or not, as well as the item enhancements (Guided Strike +5, etc.)? Thank you!

*sorry if there’s already a post about this :c

I read somewhere in forums, heroic points doesnt count at pvp, notice that all build in build compendium for pvp, dont have any +heroic points, coz they know that heroic points doesnt count at pvp.

Heroic points you have acquired thru campaign doesn’t work in Battle Arena. However if you have +5 (skill name), +5 strength etc etc…in your gear that works in arena

Thanks thanks! :3