Pvp arena fantasies

new aura in lvl 40 (ex. blood aura - aura like demonic but produce color dark red)
arena achievements
ex. every 1k win - 3-5 eternal box reward.
dodge an atk 50x - reward additonal 50pts
block an atk 50x - additonal 50pts.
crit atk 150x - 25 pts.
deadlystrike 50x - 30 pts.
and more…

new vanities that can be bought on shop (available only for top1-3 eternal div 1)
payed by using gold or rare vanities paid by
using real money.
vanities available for eternal players in shop.

new msg show : upon losing or dying in arena ur toon wil shout a word u input(input in ai setting) msg will be show in ur/foe screen upon winning/dying.

Titles given for eternal players.(put at the right side of the name or above )
gladiator- 3k win (20all resist, 100ed and etc.)
war god -2k win
executioner - 1k win.

this are just my suggestion to add more spice to pvping. (imagination overload lol)


I like it

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I like the idea also.

More auras.

That will really encourage more players to always play Battle Arena.

But then again arena leveling is very tiresome especially at lvl 25 up.

Wish the devs can cut some of the needed experience to level up.

@Onaneehsyu ya leveling up from lvl27+ is kinda hard u need to keep playin. b4 i was jus lvl26 past 3weks and i just keep playin and never notice my lvl that much. now im at lvl37 lol.