Pvp challenge!

Everyone knows it’s easy to get to eternal league with crafted gear. With that being said, someone should do a full on no craft challenge. It would obviously be honor based since it would be insane to ask them to record every match or stream it. I just think it would be nice for the community to see what can be achieved with proper gear pairing verses a ton of crafting.

I would do it myself but I’m eternal already with no other devices to play it on and I’m currently down to playing a few hours a day at best since rl is keeping me busy.

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Stock items pvp?

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Yeah anything that hasn’t been crafted. Legends, crystal legends, eternals.

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Then wiz have a lots a chance of winning when it comes to stock items ^^

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New season coming soon.

Oh really?
That’s pretty exciting. Hopefully I’ll have more time to play by then.

Woohoo! Hopefully it means new vanity items.

What is your current arena level guys?

Well I haven’t done arena since I got eternal but it is like rank 184 and I’m the lowest tier in eternal because I haven’t earned any points since I haven’t fought in there.

In 2v2 I’m rank 25 with nub gear and looting gear on my toons.

Now that I’m thinking about it. I’m gonna set up my gear now so I can power level my pvp rank when the new season starts. I have a spare 80m laying around because of dealer perk awesomeness. I’ll be able to grind to eternal in a day.