PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention




alchemy increases damage taken by 50% to reach max damage reduction you will need equivalence mythic


Just like i said. No need to explain it i hate calculation. But if you make it balance the mana and hp + reduction. You will make it good.:slight_smile:


Nc spagg . ur ai is good now .


Thanks! Im also inspired by @Mr_Scooty and g@meover’s immortal build. Thats why i upgrade my immortal too. :slight_smile:


In fighting in a right way without using winhack just to win you will observe everything . you will analize and remove affix that really doesnt need . youll know how to counter some build and more become a more powerful than others. And thats yours spag! +1 you made it


Oh! Thank you very much!:slight_smile: Its an honor that you said that to me!:innocent::blush: Thanks!:slight_smile::blush::fist::fist:


And this is my gift for you . i challenge you more to keep your build more better .


Was there any draws?


Whoa!:scream: Thanks for that!:slight_smile: now i know that my ai isnt enough for those real immortals and i need to upgrade my build.:grinning: Thanks! That picture is also help me a lot!:slight_smile:


Maybe i need to improve myself also :joy:


That back vanity…How do I get it?


Quartz your gear before crafting.


Thanks :slight_smile:


no the damage taken thing is removed now so you no longer end up taking more dmg when using alchemy. Equivalence has high damage reduction but you have to maintain full HP and MP constantly along with other variables to really make use of it and have great damage reduction. Alchemy is this but on a lower extent in difficulty. Well equivalence also halves MP and HP too after equalising them and alchemy works well when you have an almost equal and high enough MP and HP. [quote=“luisfsk, post:155, topic:16447, full:true”]
Quartz your gear before crafting.

Ahh yes, to hide the item that was crafted so it is a secret #noonecanknow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


im having a hard time on this game specially on the descriptions which are not updated. it gets harder and harder for it to decipher. hope that there will be a next update even just on the description part. then the immortal and olympian build will be as easy to build :laughing:


i also found a way to hide the pets legend name :slight_smile: not using quartz :slight_smile:


how ?? you sure about that ?? can you show us


make the gear a mythic


some mythic gear have named. and bug named. i used quarts before i put affix