PVP ? Inspection

When I look at the top three PVP players and inspect their gear it shows as ??? For each affix. I thought they were cheating or something but it’s happening to several other people I face in PVP.

What does this mean? It’s not fair they can hide their gear

when you are inside eternal league all your items always show ??? except eternal weapons, armors, rings, necklace and pet. it is natural and it is the system.

Yes as @Cabal has said all eternal league players have there gear hidden this was put in place so that anyone that didn’t want there build to just be copied would have their gear hidden :smile:

its normal when you’re at eternal league to keep the privacy of each player at the top

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u can only view there gears in myth :slight_smile: but in eternal yah its probably normal to see those ??? except when a player equip a eternal item u can see it’s affixes :slight_smile: have a nice day

My 1v1 is ethernal but my 2’s is mythic. When I play 2’s I still can’t inspect others equip. Bugged or normal?

If you are Eternal in any league, your items are hidden. So if you are eternal in 1v1, they will be hidden in 2v2 as well.

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Ohh in 2v2 maybe admin forgot about that XD

and yep its normal :wink: