Pvp[Lmao i figured it out]

Is pvp down for everyone? Me and a couple of people i know couldn’t get on today…

So at my school my principle blocked the internet so i had to use vpn to play arena matchs

I do not know. It has been around 7 hrs since I played pvp.

I tried it now and it works.

why is there a problem about pvp or something?

maybe you have a bad connection?

its not the connection really…i reset my phone and want to log in and retrieved my account from DQ cloud and it always says connection problem well in fact i have faster wifi connection.

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i did not encounter it yet I have slow connection but it is stable :smile:
I only encounter that problem when im using mobile data.

No my connection is fine lol…it’s not even working today…i only need like 3 more match wins to make it to enternal

its working on me

Curious! how many consecutive wins to get eternal??

@I.U Well im at like 223 win’s and 134 loses and im almost in eternal so probably like 100-200 maybe less than that im not sure lol

Getting into Eternal is a Hell of a struggle the first time. You’ll be almost there, lose once, and you’ll be one hundred wins away again.

@Skaul yeah im at like 1048 Mpoints and the person in the top of the mythic division has like 1500 i think

Im already in eternal league…well i mean how many wins to get eternal chest?

Eternal league is only 1400+

Well sometimes i got enternal chest from just winning 1 match lol

if lucky = eternal chest 1 match :smile:

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I did it today as well when i was in lunch :slight_smile: i seriously could not believe it

you sure are lucky mate :smile: me 1/10 lol

I think DQ feels sad for me because i lose so much :joy: i’ve lost i think 140+ match’s :cry: