Pvp losses too steep

So I have been playing 1v1 for around 3 hours today pushing for eternal league. Every time i get to around rank 110-120 I lose a fight and BAM! Back to 170 rank. The points seem irrelevant since I can lose 2 points and still drop 50 ranks. It wouldn’t be bad if it only took a few fights to get back the 50 ranks but it takes a chain of over 8-10 depending on the sequence that you get the ads ( if the points even help at that time).
Just seems so rng based that you’ll get at least someone that can beat you in the required amounts of fights it takes to earn back what you lost, especially when I’m hacking through a bunch of eternal players. Is it going to remain thus way in the future pvp seasons?

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Keep in mind that, while you are pushing forward, so are hundreds of others. You are always competing, whether with the AI or with real people.

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I got the same issue. It is hard to get there. You gotta grind all day everyday to get what it takes to get to eternal. An I’m a working man. An don’t have the time, resources or wanna copy. Colgon or the infamous LOHKO build. So I hope they can raise the eternal ranks to 500. Or make it a little easier for the working man to get to eternal ranks.

Agreed. I’m assuming once you get eternal you stay in that league like all the other ones; so once I get it I’m going to make my arena character’s Ai retarded so it will be free wins for people that are up coming. Don’t get me wrong, I like to earn my title and prizes but I know the effort I have put in (still being new of course) and the frustrations of the system so I will help future people get their arena vanity items.

I don’t agree. What is the point of having an eternal league if it is easy to get? There should be a reward for truly being among the best.

The best? Sure, give a reward to the top 3 people, while they are top 3. Not just because you made it to top 100 and then don’t care after that. Plus, you really consider making it to a place mark rank warrants you to say all the top X ranked players are the best? Ever single day new hackers are taken off the top lists so who is to say they weren’t taking up the 10-20 spots that I, and all the others struggling to get into eternal, needed to actually get there. The only reason I remotely care is the vanity items (but only if they are going to be time limited and change next season).
Unless you hold the top 10 for an extended duration I wouldn’t consider anyone the best. I’m not discrediting those of you that are in the top X ranks but the arbitrary number of 100 is too big, and too changing, to be considered elites.

what separates eternal players from the rest is their understanding in crafting aside from their dedication to farm and create builds. If you’re in mythic league or other leagues and you expect the same build to bring you to eternal, think again. I myself has revised my build more than 5 times to stay in the league. If you cant craft you dont deserve to be eternal. just saying

everyone on eternal reach there with their build and hard work. idk if u know this or not, but let me tell u IF u don’t. there are alot eternal player below rank 10-100 have crazy build. they just inactive, that the reason why their rating reduced little by little. believe me if all those eternal player active, 1st 2nd and 3rd place will be like spinning jackpot lol. it keep changing every sec, minutes, hour, day. when they hike, they fight a real AI setup for defense, yet they still reach. if u play just like other eternal player yet u not reach there, that just mean ur build not good enough. there is no wrong if they just let their op AI setup to fight your, they just try to protect their spot anyway

I agree! Your key word usage is STAY in the league. I’m not talking about staying in the league at all. The best are the people that decide to make dedicated builds and characters for pvp plus refine like you said you have. I applaud you for that.
I’m just saying my half rate gear and less than 2 weeks of playing has gotten me to the cusp of eternal so many times but the ranking system and loss penalties are insane. That was the original point to me making this thread… Is there just a huge bottle neck of players stuck at mystic rank 1 trying to get into eternal that actually means if you lose 2 points it puts you back 20+ ranks? I have played many other app games with millions of players that have pvp “rush hours” for weekly cutoffs but that isn’t anything near the tiny margin of points lost verses ranks lost in this arena (not to mention the marginal gains to return to the previously reached position). That would mean that so many people are constantly spamming arena that there is never a situation that the “rush” isn’t going on for such drops to be reasonanle.
If that is honestly the case why not make another mystic rank board that combines the divisions, if that’s how they are seperated. I would love to see the people that are around my points and that are actually constantly pushing to get in. It just feels cheesy that around the 7-8th win streak I always seem to be pitted against someone that beats me…Every 7-8 fights… so I’m in a permanent cycle.
This isn’t an aggressive post so there doesn’t need to be such defensive replies. Like I said, not saying the already eternal players aren’t justified, just saying the process of getting there is a bit taxing with the current system.

It’s all good mate. We’re just saying there’s nothing wrong with the system. A lot of people are grinding and tying to reach eternal so it’s possible that there’s a bottleneck in mythic league. Everybody goes thru the same thing. We went thru the same thing. It just means you have to tweak ur build now to win against tougher opponent ^^

LP and Rating is different, u need high rating to be in eternal. About LP deduction when lose, i think that the best, before they update the win and lose lp reward, i think the first season is the worst lol. at streak 90, win get 1-3 Lp while if u lose -31 Lp. now it like +33Lp if u win and -1 Lp if u lose at high streak.

So if Lp doesn’t play a part in the ranking system what is it based off?

LP = Global Ranking.
Rating = League Ranking.

For LP ranking u can see from battle arena page, in the box below arena leaderboard. and for rating it on arena leaderboard. LP based of LP count while rating base of your win lose and streak.

I see. So it is solely based on w/like ratio for top 100.
On a side note, do eternal arena chests give 100% chance to give eternal items?


Super lame… I got

from my eternal chest. Is it a bug?

Ouch = (

really.? lol @Refia i think this guy encounter the bug like i encounter on 1.9 open beta. when open eternal chest got legend trophy (supposed to 100% drop eternal)

Pvp losses aint too steep. All you need is know your tough opponents weakness and strengthen your build to combat as many scenarios possible. I was quite lucky to get stealth proc which helped me get a deeper understanding of my pvp builds capabilities and when I couldn’t reach eternal league from mythic league, I figured out what was wrong. What was wrong is that my time investment into it wasn’t good enough and build wasnt as good either.

Each challlenging step has helped me reshape the build and now I am in eternal league at top 30 positions and at one point reaching no1 place. What also helps is knowing when to use dispel for certain situations as well as legend and above trophies, pets and good build design. Obviously getting eternal trophy and pet makes it all the more better if you are satisfied with it.


Don’t EVER give up on your pvp build but do enhance the dps and strength of your build.

My build was once a somewhat weak build and seeing as I never say I am truly finished and rarley satisfied( trying to get out of comfort zone), I studied certain affixes and had some help and tried to implement them not caring about how expensive as long as I got to see their power. Believing something will work always helps and trying to overcome weaknesses is even better. My build now is basically finished with all its affixes but I love to add bonuses such as ragnarok with defiant and 100 WD% and yea… Gotta plan it before I test out immediatley. Even if your build is good, its all about how much time and passion you put into the arena.

I would say arena is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I discovered forums and it was exciting. I think arena is alot more fun than killing thousands of uninteresting mobs with a good build. Speaking of which, mobs need to be very interesting! Ignis could be the one who kidnapped you to dungeon and to get out, you have to defeat ignis 10 times from floor 20-200 and all the other bosses such as nix, limoerx and malium spawn 10 times. Afterwards, a cutscene where you escape dungeon and maps above 200+means you are in a big battlefield which is at your home for your dq character.

i have fun killing both AI toon on arena and Mobs on high challenge floor lol. but now my interest only on CS and MS lol. i love to see Mobs with hp above billion struggling kill toon with just 3k Hp lol.