PVP Mythic League VS Eternal League

GM or Admin Dev,
I’m Sorry Bad my Languege (english) :smile:

Bad playing in this is League…

Eternal player in the league against Mythic, not the same as strength. How do we get past the league if we have to meet the players in the Eternal in Mythic. Archers shoot and player for more than half of the area and also archers shoot for a higher power that we have within hard cover, it is difficult for us to travel to him. More over met Cheater players. Please re-repair/update game

Tank you Bud/Bro/Sist


Im at epic league and almost everytime I battle my match up is eternal league…about the bow user just use some tactics to defeat them…for the cheaters just report them

Okay nice bro… i hate Cheater…

Its exciting to reach eternal league you know why ?? Coz you will know that if your current pvp build can stand in eternal league. Defeating player in eternal league while you in mythic league makes you strong
Goodluck :laughing:

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