PvP mythic suggestions please

So i have a build set out and almost fully written out, but i cant decide what mythic to use on either my weapon or off-hand… (as i only have one affix left available)

The build is mostly tanky with +flat elemental damage and spams charge (but faster than you’d normally be able to (not a glitch or bug btw))

I was thinking potentially vanish? But im open to suggestions if earthquake or cosmic orb might be better? If i go for a damage mythic then i want maximum hits per second rather than damage% per second

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Ah , looking for this treat

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If its melee build, ill go appocalyps and enigma,

Why apocalyps? Apocalyps is good againts campers like burst barrage, pistolers and skulldraga builds to lure the attacks.

Why enigma? Enigma is good againts battle mages and other melees.


Thanks, i threw in the two mythics, had to move some things around but it works lol, turns out deleting weapon damage was only a loss of ~700 damage per hit, probably less vs a real character/ tank

I actually made this build a little while ago and the AI got me from Mythic 2 all the way to Eternal 4 :smile:
Might re-work it a bit because im still left wanting with +all resist… oh dear im already falling back down the rabbit hole :joy: