PvP pretty cool

Being a loot pinata fan, this game is damn solid, didnt think much bout pvp, but finally goot feet barely wet and its pretty fun. But clearly my pve isnt gonna cut it :slight_smile:

Good job again devs.


Yup. I highly agree.

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Thank you for giving them accolades @Homicide . They have provided the players with Awesome engineering, graphics and customer support. They are truly amazing with such a small staff. I cannot wait for DQ2!!! :muscle::muscle:


:slight_smile: :+1::ok_hand::muscle: . The game truly is mind-blowing in how it is built and a fantastic game in all areas. I am hyped for DQ 2.

Truly amazing developers, hard work , the engineering of the game , etc.

The game I am so glad I found after being stuck with pay to win trash of mobile gaming right now (the games such as clash of clans for eg) and after I completed a cool other Rpg game.

This game was a whole different game to me but that’s what I like about it.

The simplicity but high potential everywhere as well and the depth.