[ PVP ] Wizard mana sheild build


I rarely meet mages in arena.
You are one of the few players I can clearly remenber both forum id arena id and char name :wink:
Are you wiling to come back ? I konw you are a very very lucky player,you farm very very soon.


I actually tried battle mage and scoundrel out earlier when I picked up an incredible scoundrel eternal. Battle mage’ MH\OH overrides scoundrel. At least that’s what happened in my case.

It really is an OP build if done correctly.


Hi mandelbrot :smile: idont understand what you mean ?


Sharing builds for beginners was not stupidity to me at all ha ha.,lots of us need atleast a starting line to be with tough guys (top players)its up to them to re organize the build as they familiarized the system.well done i say mandel​:sunglasses:its a gesture of saying "welcome to the world of dq arena"at its finest coz you even give them a hint to make thier own battle gear even some says its stupid​:joy::joy::joy:


What i have to say about this build is…
NO PRESERVERANCE, YOU :dizzy_face: vs Me!
Good idea tho :thinking::thinking:
CHEEARS @Mandelbrot!


The only way to test ideas is in the arena


Whoa! incredible thing. That is amazing idea. I think you need a brave player to test this build in arena.:wink::clap::clap::clap:


I was just thinking of a similar build, and was just thinking of switching Chest to Infusion, and adding some All Resist to increase Damage Reduction for the Shield, add Masochist, Harmony, one Regeneration, and Equivalence. any heal for the HP also helps keep MP up, which is good for the Mana Shield. and the Masochist Set increases damage while HP down. just need to make sure enough HP so heal doesn’t kill you while your Shield is up. with so many new builds doing huge damage to get through the thick HP/Damage Reduction builds in the Arena now, you are going to need a decent amount of Damage Reduction for the Mana Shield, or you wont have a chance against someone who has a lot of DR for their HP. or skip the Equivalence, as that might not help enough and actually hurt more than help. just thinking and typing out loud.
@FairyTail & @dickwad I have come up against some good Mana Shield builds in the Arena, but I don’t know how far any of them have gotten in the Arena. I have met a few of the good ones in Eternal League, but depending on how good their crafting is determines who wins, as I am still using my Farm Build. I think a Mana Shield PVP Build is viable, but you would have to think way outside the box. maybe move into another box and try to think outside that one.