Quest (Feasts) scaled down

I just saw that the feast ( codex ) went down so i get
1st Example) a free random boost after 3750 Orbs collected instead of 5000
2nd Example) a mythic mob after 8 legendaries instead of 10 :blush:
but why or when did the scale down happen :dizzy_face:

This is from the “accomplished” ascension perk.
it reduces all your requirements for feats by 25%

Well i defenitly should learn to read xD sry for this useless thread

you can find it at market acsen the blue guy

well i know never did the last acsen becouse i though it would only affect EXP :weary:
Could have got so many more etnerals

Just had too much time yesterday so i though i can do it quickly :relaxed:

the more you ascen the harder the exp

Well my issue was that i though i wont get anything from the 25% (though its only EXpp bonus) and i like the purple frame more then the green so i didnt wanted to waste time xD

That accomplished perk is really good. Makes legend pets much easier to find, much easier to get crystal from feat, much more mythic enemies, more loot, etc. It REALLY helps in the long run. I love this perk alot! Still, best to keep last when riding the ascension ladder to eternal or 5th perk.

After i found out what the meaning of the sentence(perk) i was pissed off about myself why i didnt ascended earlier and instead stayed at 4th ascension for a month :unamused:

Haha lol. Well good luck anyways :slight_smile: .