Quest not working

Greetings! Just wanted to point out that my quest to kill legendary monsters stopped registering kills. I am at 16/20 and the last 3 that I have killed did not count toward the total. These being the legendary monsters that spawn after killing 50/50 epic monsters, so that was a lot of wasted farming as I targeted them specifcally for the quest goal. Wondering if this is happening to anyone else. And yes, I was online the whole time.

That’s odd. My quest for killing Legend enemies is only 10 kills. I don’t know why you even have to get 20 of them.

Bosses and legend monsters are different dispite both having red names.

Oh I get it now. The 16/20 he’s talking about is indeed the quest for killing the Bosses. Legend enemies don’t count. Killing Legend enemies have a different counter