hello everyone,why cant i receive any “daily quest”??been wondering how to unlock daily quest…

There isn’t one

Codex is you daily quest!


personally im not a fan of daily quests as it makes the game a bit too easier and it also feels like an exploit sometimes. One of the things of dq i do like is that it is not using daily quests or energy systems and such. i mean the online version, not the offline one in game such as the codex feats.
I know dungeon quest is in the name but the quest is up to you basically. The daily quest in codex = feats if you wanted to know the closest thing to one and a good one.

In one day, you could farm many enslavers to get a potential legend pet, unlock a few boosts after collecting x amount of orbs, collect or use crystals and get rewarded a rarer crystal/mythstone and more. The feat rewards tend to show up a lot for sure and i do farm epic enemies to get Mythic and legend enemy spawns.



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