Quest rewards

So a couple days ago the new set of 4 quests unlocked, and I have completed 3 of 4, just hunting down 3 more mythic enemies. Each of the quests say they reward a buff, which I assume is one of those 1 hr buffs you can buy for 99 cents. Except I haven’t seen the load screen for any map say I have one of those buffs active, is there something I need to do to get those buffs? Is it a visual bug and they aren’t showing anywhere but they were active on completion of the quest?

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its only 5mins buff

Thanks for the reply.
And :frowning:
It would be more worthwhile if it were the 1 hr boosts.

if they do a 1hr buff no one will buy the boost :smile:

Idk, the quests are once every week or two? It’s just the effort required to complete some of the quests is worth more than a 5 min boost IMHO.

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