Question about 'Affix Pools'

The description for Sapphire Crystals reads:

I originally iterpreted the term ‘Affix Pools’ to refer to the collection of Normal affixes, and the collection of Epic affixes - two pools. Meaning, for example, that any Epic affix could become any other Epic affix with enough re-rolling.

I’ve since collected enough empirical evidence to determine that this is not the case. I have rolled a single affix several dozen times, and I keep seeing the same affixes, again and again. Just bad luck? Maybe. Although I’ve observed the same behavior with two other affixes that I’ve re-rolled, although not nearly as many times.

Two Epic Affix Pools that I’ve identified:
[ol][li]Luck%, Gold Find%, MP Leech%, MP Regen%, Elemental Resist+, …[/li]
[li]Weapon Dmg+, Weapon Dmg%, Elemental Dmg+, …[/li][/ol]
Is there a list of the ‘available affix pools’, or is this meant to be a trial-and-error enigma?

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TBH when i’m rerolling an affix (fluorite), I’m often getting roughly the same affixes, like what you’re explaining, but it’s just about luck, there is no kind of “pools” like that, you can get any epix affixes with fluorite, Yeah that’s hard to believe because w’re often falling on the same affixes over and over, but from Steiger it’s just random :smile:

Whether or not it’s intended to be that way doesn’t mean that it actually is :wink:

Given the vast number of Epic affixes, re-rolling a single affix and getting the same Affix 5 or more times seems quite unlikely. Getting the same set of 5-6 Affixes, each 5 or more times, and nothing else, seems astronomically unlikely. Maybe I’m seeing patterns where none exist.

My “Research” into this:

An Item (specifically an Obsidian Blade) orignally had the normal affix Attack Chance+1.
I removed this affix, and placed an epic affix using a Topaz (I originally chose Luck%, as there was nothing else I wanted).
After re-rolling a substantial amount of times, 20 or so, I became suspicious that there was a pattern, so I began to protocol it.
From the time I began writing it down, about ~30 sapphires later, only 5 different affixes were seen, and nothing else. These are the same 5 I recall seeing again and again in the initial 20 rolls.

I’ve removed this affix, and used another Topaz, this time choosing +Flurry.
On the third Sapphire re-roll, I get Attack Chance+2, which is what I was searching for.

It’s all random, though there might be a bug with only giving you the Epic versions of affixes in the Normal pool ( so you’d be missing out on Talent and Skill affixes ). Will look into it for 1.7.

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Sir is it possible to get a set affix using lvl 2 crystal? …

Of course not

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