Question about Assault

I tested main hand weapon dmg for assault. It does scale with main hand but the damage doesn’t seem accurate. At floor 1 ep8 a 150dmg sword caused 18k-25k but a 15k sword only caused 23k-35k. Could a mod or dev mail me the damage formula for assault please. Asssault also scales with +element dmg and +% elemental dmg. That scaling seems accurate. But for some reason assault doesn’t seem to be dmg appropriate. My lance crits at 1m but ive never seen my assault attacks crit over 400k.

Note: all testing took place with either no affixs or exactly the same affixes

The hatchet’s damage is based of your offhand total damage, but I can see how that would be confusing. We really should be showing DPS stats for that, but haven’t had time to rearrange the stats screen to fit it in.

Awesome thanks for the info.