Question about blood magic + mana absorb, on hit, and summon

i have a few question here:

  1. if i have blood magic, (8) permafrost (60% MP absorb), and +10 mana absorb (Return mythstone) x 6, will i heal (HP) 120% DMG taken? or is there a cap on it?
  2. i’m a little bit confusing about …on hit because sometimes it means “you hit” such as “+400 HP on hit” sometimes it means “you get hit” such as warrior’s talent intimidation (fear on hit) so my question is which affixes/talents means “you hit” and which is “you get hit”? or i get it wrong and all the “on hit” means “when i hit my enemies”?
  3. is legend affixes “summon DMG” also affect skull and fury? or is it only affects “summon skill” and “command skill”?
  4. are the attack from summons and skulls also trigger “proc”? what about “terrashaper set” that say it can trigger earthshatter on hit and attack?

MP absorb is capped at 40% also I believe blood magic was changed in 2.0? Too not function with blood magic anymore @skaul @cuzegspiked @f00kee @cronos4321 can you guys remember exactly when and if that change was made
Oh hit is always a when you hit an enemy affix “when struck”/specifying that they must hit you is the commenly used terminology for activating when an enemy hit’s you
No the attacks that summons and skulls do do not proc skills unless they are “on hit”
Hope this helps :smile:

Sir i’m just confusing with that statement, is that suppose to be “MP absorb is not functioning with blood magic”?

what about DoT DMG? is that also count as “hit”? well even i think it is not because it will waay over the top :sweat_smile:

what about question number 3? can u help me to answer that too?

thanks for the fast replay :+1:

Yes mp abbsorb doesn’t function with bloodmagic
No dot damage doesn’t count for any on hit effects except for crits and crushing blow
Number 3 is something I’ve been wondering myself so I’ll get back too you on it as soon as I know :smile:

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  1. Blood magic no longer take advantage over mp absorb / permafrost since 2.0 patches release.

  2. It will be silly if U recover Hp or Mp on attack doesn’t it.? For example as long U attack, U will recover Hp or Mp no matter if the attack miss it whatever it will be much stronger than fury resources mythic and probably can be better than warrior prayer talent. So making it on hit (enemy) is much more relevant.

  3. “Summon” if U check on summoner or spirit master set affix (idk which one) add +2 “summon” talent and “summon” skill per rank. That “summon” only effect to summon minions and summon command. So I assume those legend affix related to summon like summon haste, summon Hp, summon damage only effect minions and command only.

  4. Your summons can’t trigger your own procs/ on hit effect like terrasharper etc but your summons can trigger your opponent on hit effect for example your summons attack enemy with terrasharper set affix, they have chance to active the earthshatter.

Summon damage affects all of those skill including skull shield :smile:

because “summon” and “skull” is different i have another question in mind :smile: , are “skulls” can’t trigger my procs too?

i’ll be happy if that’s true sir :grin: but i think its hard to know whether it’s true or not except the developers answer it, of course

No skulls cannot trigger your procs either :smile:
And the developers did answer it :stuck_out_tongue: I made sure with Steiger :smile:

Wew, so summon DMG really affect fury & skulls? that’s pretty nice :relieved: i’ll start working my build then, thanks for the reply sir :+1:

Glad I could help :smile: