Question about Chest Mytihics

What is better Chest mythic on boomerang build?

Depends on your build. Sureshot is good for guaranteed critical damage against an enemy at full health ( however if your enemy is not at full health it becomes useless). Ruptured if applying bleed . It’s hard to give advice.

How about the exposed
I have a
Chakram-Cosmicorb+Eletrocution Special:Storm
Bomb-Vanish+Plagued Special:Skulldraga
I Have now a Chest-Brutal+Cosmic Power

Check @Mr_Scooty anti immortal build on builds. Cosmic power works great with timewarp as the off hand weapon special skill. Brutal may be good. But choose an element to all your gear. Your build is all over the place

How about the Aethereal Drain instead of Cosmic Power?

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Again go and look out @Mr_Scooty anti immortal build

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All your questions will be answered

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