Question about DPS

I just got my warrior to rank 39, with 1.36m DPS. Had me hella excited, until i noticed that i did very little damage. With ice element, Im only criting for 20-30k against fire mobs. I kill faster with 400k dps than with 1.36m. Is that normal, for high dps to be weak, or am i just being a noob? ><

Edit- got my dps up more. Now my crits fluctuate from 20k to 280k against fire resist mobs. Ive never been a game mechanics type of guy, so now im heavily confused haha. Heres an image of my offense stats. Id show my gear but idk how to put them all on one pic with my phone.

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+1.5% critical damage ? wow !

Global dps isn’t revelant.
You’ve to increase your stats : critical dmg / critical chance / attk speed to the max (300% / 60% and 60%) …
Also you’ve to get “%element dmg” on every piece of stuff. (120% max) to get damage

Bored of explaining this on every thread so… I did it short :smile:

Haha, thats all i was looking for: “Global DPS isn’t relevant”. Thanks diieter

Yeah, i dont actually play the warriot anyway. Im a mage by heart. Hes just there as a hire. I usally deck him out in pure hp stuff, but i got bored. I have no items for him that boost crit dmg >~<

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Well, I don’t play warrior either, so I can’t really help you on that class, but DPS is fonctionning the same way for each class.

Check this thread, you can see how to build a “good” mage : [Wizard] Dieter
There is many ways to do a good mage, u’ve to choose 1 gameplay and max stats with crafting + 1 or 2 legends and reroll them until getting “best” (highest) stats !

Also if you have any question, ask :wink:

Ive already checked it awhile ago but i do keep going back to it :stuck_out_tongue: im just now starting to craft items. Cant find any decent rings with magnify and hp/mp leech, so im making my own. Going to focus on being a staff and bracer with tons of glasscannon/empower. Main staff for now is a crazy good Golden Rod, atleast i think so :3 [attachment=-1]uploadfromtaptalk1394583001309.jpg[/attachment]

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Well If you want my opinion, if you’re building with empower + glasscanon, to get a ton of damage, you’ll lose so much HP, i’m actually at 3000hp.
But if you play with a bracer and that you get 5000 MP on many parts, you can reach 30k mana, which replace HP, so you don’t need hp leech, just mp leech, and as long as you activate your shield, you can’t die

Im at 800hp >< yeah, but i plan to make this ring a generalized ring, capable of working for any build i do.

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Well if u’re playin a teleport build, go for a “magnify”
If u’re playin a bracer build and want high dps damage, go for toxicity and build poison stuff + plague armor :smile:

I could never manage to get the teleport distances down, so i just dont use orbs haha. I used to just spam gauntlets twister or whatever since it would pretty much stun lock, but after getting a taste of a staff and magnify… Meteor crits for 1.02m across the entire view area <3 the only offhands i use really are tomes and bracers. Ill keep all that in mind though. I gotta get this ring perfect ><

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Teleport with 6*20% teleport dmg on every parts and with a poison/toxicity/plague stuff is awesome, you can grind the floor 200 easily and fast
Also dealing some teleport with more than 1m easily :smile:

Meteor is useless tbh, because it takes too much time to cast/recast, better go for autoattack with a great dps and a good staff/gauntlet ^^

I want a 6*20% summon build (prowness legion n diffusion/volatile) ò.ó but i havent started yet to reroll my items ._. sight

I spent hours and hours to get the best stuff I could have (twister poisoned stuff), and now i’m pretty happy to deal twisters with 8m-10m damage on each tick, grinding Ignis 200th 8ep in less than 3 seconds, but as I said, it takes hours and hours …
I even spent 1 week to get 1 affixe on 1 item, insane but worth ^^

Well yeah, meteor takes abit of time, i usually just use comet. But for the first two levels of each act on ep2, meteor tends to decimate the area enough for my warrior hire to use his spell sword lance to finish them up :smile:

Crafting is so damn tedious for me. I dont have wifi and ran out of 4g data, so downloading my account info on 2g takes like two minutes every time. Hella annoying wait.

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Hey diieter, i recovered my warrior for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this right? Images wont load for me, 2g data is too slow. Should be my gear and damage page.
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Nice ! But Imo u’re using too much differents builds in a single one! so you’re not getting that much dps, by exemple your spellsword without dodge on every parts, etc etc!
You’ve to make your own epic pieces, at least 2 or 3 to get something like 300% crit dmg, 60% attkspd and crit chance! trust me ^^

Keep working on it :smile:

Well, yeah, i know that :stuck_out_tongue: ive not crafted anything other than my crappy magnify ring. Nothing on it is epic. Dont think im going to do any crafting really until the next patch hits. Gotta make money first.

I may be tempted to craft after my phone rolls over and i get 4g again, though.
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