Question about hireling luck, goldfind and item find

Hello… Have some questions… :smiley:

Does luck, gold find and item find in hireling exceed the 650 cap, and then get averaged together with your main character?

Also, I noticed that the bonus luck and gold find in mythic 3 is not applying to my hireling according to the stats page. Is this intended? Or bugged? Or it works, just a visual bug?

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Use your hireling as a main and change your difficulty to mythic 3.

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Thanks @Emman! :smiley:

Do you happen to know the answer to my first question? :smile:

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I have my hireling warrior wearing fauns set and it doesn’t exceed the 650 Luck cap. :frowning:

Well I can’t be sure on it because I don’t have a proper way to know if it’s working.
Example scenario
If I remove a luck item on my main then add a luck item on my hireling it does not increase my main’s luck.

But I think it doesn’t count because I think It will not count the luck that exceeded the cap.
Maybe the code is if greater than 650 then luck equals 650. ( Just my opinyon lol)

I heard that luck gear on hireling doesn’t apply, only your main does. I think hireling give 100 % extra luck when you are using a hireling.

Yeah, I am trying to find the answer too… Does anyone have an official answer to that first question?

Does luck, gold find and item find in hireling exceed the 650 cap, and then get averaged together with your main character?

If I have a hiring toon with beyond cap luck, gold find and item drops, will that affect the averaging of the total luck, gold find and item drops?

No, it doesnt exceed the cap (i might be wrong though) but i would imagin that the cap is applied to the hireling and main and then averaged but as far as i know as long as your on mythic 3 and your hireling has 600+% percent then you should reach cap anyway since map bonus is added last so as i read this before it should do the following:
(600+0)/2 this represents luck/gold find between the character
300%+350%=650%, so here its taking the average from above and adding it onto the mythic 3 bonus to give cap, so if you want to play on easier difficulty you wont be able to get to the cap unless your hireling has luck/gold find too
So just play mythic 3 while your hireling has 600+%
However i am not at all sure about the item drops, i believe it only works for main but again, i might be wrong

I’m pretty confident previous threads have said that the cap only applies after averaging the characters and adding the difficulty bonus. Then, after the cap is applied, map modifiers can take you higher. I can’t say for sure if those threads were correct, though.

Are you sure about that? So that means I can use an exceed cap hiring?

Current understanding is one character with 1300% and one character with 0% is the same as both with 650%.

Great! Thx!