Question about how proc works

i am asking this question again because the topics i found is more than 4+ years ago and if whatever mechanics has changed (if anything actually changed) is not mentioned (or i havnt discovered yet)

whats up with proc? i have a

  • a talent provocation 30% to taunt proc
  • +24.3% taunt proc
  • +24.5% blinkstrike proc
  • +10% all proc

that should all account to

  • ((30 + 10) + (24.3 + 10)) 74.3 taunt
  • (24.5 + 10) 34.5 blinkstrike

im not sure of the mechanics on proccing on too many attacks but
i wanted to attack as many times possible hoping to trigger procs as much as possible
my flurry has

  • +4 to multi attacks
  • +4 to extra attacks
  • +25% mirrorcast

and yet i barely see my procs trigger, before i even had 3 blinkstrikes with 2 +10 all procs (that should be above 100% chance already) and i dont even see myself blinking around the map like a flickerstrike build

how does the mechanics (in detail) of proc work? ty


If remember it correctly, proc now shares the same CD as the original skill.


so what do people do to make a proc build here?


I tried my own proc build with 3 +25% Legend Taunt Proc + Master Mythstone and in paper it should be +100% to just proc everytime but it turns out procs have cooldowns so I really cant spam an attack and expect taunt to proc x amounts of times. It would be better to just stick atleast to less than 2 procs if possible.

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can this be worked around by CD reduction? clearcast? (have to ask or ill be wasting resources crafting something that doesnt work).

ill answer this one myself, yes CD reduction does affect procs, no clearcast doesn’t.

procs seem to proc less when doing main attacks, while procs somewhat higher with special attacks.
i could barely proc blinkstrike with constant attacks of flurry BUT using blinkstrike procs blinkstrikes most of the time (yes i have blinkstrike as special even when i have a blinkstrike proc)


as of Patch 3.0, Procs have the same cool down as the spells cast normally, so they are affected by Cool Down affix.

i am unsure if a Procs cool down will allow it to proc faster than 1 a second, as i haven’t tested it yet. i have had Twister with +50% Twister Proc with a 1.2 second cool down (for both) and it worked great.

i believe the Deadly Arts Set can get all cooldowns to -100% when you get a Deadly Strike (1% per Set for each DS).

Talent and Procs are 2 different mechanics and as far as i know, don’t add together, and am unsure if All Proc works with Talents.

so your Talent Proc is +30% chance, the affix Proc it +34.3% proc (i think Taunt can only have one at a time anyways?), and +34.5% for Blinkstrike.

multi attack, extra attack, mirrorcast, and other affixes like them don’t increase the chance of Procs. like Procs, they are also extra attakcs.

there is an old post that says you can have over +100% proc, so +150 would be 1 every second and another every other second (adjusted by cool down now), on average, but i haven’t tested this out yet, but i really want to.


deadly strikes on the dictionary is exactly what you said except its 0.5%

but on the set description on the item itself it says

1%(per rank) chance to reset skill cooldown on deadly strike (seems entirely different, since it will just be a % to reset skill cooldown when a deadly strike trigger… which means i have to invest in 100% deadly strike to just trigger that 1%(per rank))

which one is it really?


usually the description on the Item is correct, but then, the Dictionary has been partially updated… and there are some Item descriptions that don’t agree with definitions on the Characters Stat Page :confused:…

you really need to Craft a Build around Deadly Arts Set for it to be useful in PVE. the Damage Reduction part of it is really useful in PVP.

with Epiphany (8) you can get Crit Chance +84% and Deadly Strike +84%. some Weapon Skills can increase your Crit Chance even higher, which makes Deadly Arts more viable.