Question about inferno set

What does “dot speed” means.
Does it mean that the dot will be happening faster?
How does this “speed” is being apply when you use poison or fire.

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Poison & Fire DoT is extra damage that is done every second. Fire is 40% of damage done a second for 2 seconds, and Poison is 10% of damage done a second for 8 seconds. a hit that does 1000 damage is 400 damage a second for 2 seconds for Fire, for 800 extra damage. 100 damage a second for 8 seconds for Poison, for 800 extra damage (80% of damage done is applied to the DoT).

Inferno (5) increases the DoT speed of Fire Weapons by +50%. so Fire DoT goes from one tick a second to 1.5 ticks a second. since Fire DoT lasts 2 seconds, that is 3 DoT every 2 seconds instead of 2 DoT every 2 seconds. that means for the example above, instead of 800 points of extra Fire damage from DoT, you get 1200 points of extra damage from Fire DoT.

another thing is that the highest DoT is used for the duration of the DoT, so if you can hit a target 10 times a second, with a low of 750 and high of 1250, the DoT will be based on the 1250. after 2 seconds, the next highest damage is used for the DoT. only one Fire DoT at a time, not 1 DoT for each attack that hits. same for Poison. if your attack caused a Critical Hit, then the DoT will be based on the damage done by the Critical Hit, or Deadly Strike (2x dmg)/Brutal Mythic (3x dmg). not only that, the DoT can also cause a Critical Hit, Deadly Strike/Brutal, or Crushing Blow.

the Inferno Set is somewhat like the Fester Talent of Wizard. Fester 40 with Inferno (5) would be 3 Fire DoT a second for 4 seconds (Fester increases the DoT duration and speed of all Elements. you would need Inferno Bonus to get the same effect with the extended duration)


Thanks, this dot speed really bothers me for long time. lol


since I usually use Wizard, never really needed Inferno, just used Fester Talent. but recently I wondered about using Inferno & Fester together for even more DPS from DoT.

Inferno does give Warrior & Rogue better Fire DoT DPS, like a Wizard with Fester 20, except Inferno doesn’t increase the time of Fire’s DoT (Inferno Bonus does).

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Yep, thats what i observe also, thats why i mix poison to my gears, the dot doesnt increase, i was bum with that, well blistering got bleeding and the combo for fire.

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