Question about Item Farming and LegendEx

So I’m trying to understand LegendEx some item state Anywhere… others have a level does that mean only that level or that level and higher? Exp. Level 180 for azure helm or is that level 180+? Also I’m trying to get luck ect on gear for better farming… which crystals are best to get it changed on gear… thanks alot

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Hey! This mean, that the item only drop that level or higher.
You can get luck from obsidian (150-200%) as crystal affix , amber (5-75%) as epic affix or even as normal affix from Larimar (10-50%)

for drop chance its on floor as it mention and higher.

For luck u can use topaz (epic affix) or obsidian (crystal affix)

epic =75% luck at perfect roll
crystal affix =225% luck at perfect roll.

it not always give option to choose luck tho. sometime u will need to try few time to get it.

Thanks only been playing little while trying to work on getting stronger made it to only lvl 208 so far and decided to try and farm some I noticed on the Stat page it shows my Luck at 552% [650] not sure what the 650 means at its in brackets, I am using a hirling

Nature of your equips also help.
Luck = 25
Greed = 25 Gold Find

Also focus on item drop max is 200% It would really help in farming

that [650] is cap. no metter how much luck affix u have. ur luck cant go up beyond that cap.

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Right I understand that 650 is cap when it’s in [650] in the brackets does that mean I hit the cap between myself and the hirling? Because when I’m by myself the bracketed 650 ist there…

maybe your checking your hireling’s luck.

your main char and hireling has different stat pages.
I think your clicking your hireling’s stat page that has 650 luck
and when your alone your checking your main that doesn’t have 650 luck.

It is not combined.

I’m checking it both ways main toon has 552% [650] and hirling is 390% [650] both are green text… yet if enter the dungeon solo meaning no hirling the [650] doesn’t show up… so I’m wondering when it’s Green Bracketed does that mean I hit cap?

I believe the [650] that you saw with your hireling is the average cap WITH your hirelinf, whereas the cap would be lower if you were to run solo. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Question about luck, I just saw it somewhere in “the questions thread” that only the luck in your main toon affects the drops and the luck rate of your hireling isn’t effective. Is this true? Or both toons with luck equips is better?

Maybe it was farming set affix?
Nadroji, mythical, eternalized, crystalline only works with your main account.

But luck, gold find, and item drop is average.

For me I max luck, gold find, and item drop for my main and hireling.

Isn’t gold the singular most important resource?

Late game, all you need are an infinite amount of crystals to make the ultimate set.

Converting legends = crystals, crystal conversion = powerful crystals.

With a large supply of gold, the end-game set will materialise faster.

Legend drops and even Eternals are immaterial.

I feel this way after equipping 3 pc Bucaneer outfit with almost zero luck but max gold find - and realising my crystal stash is growing at an incredible pace.

@Refia do you know the chance of getting the luck affix from obsidian?

The same chance as other Crystal affixes.

here is my trick but not always success. so its your risk. if u craft from free/zero affix. try get 5 affix in crystal affix list that u want to avoid. let say u dont want armor, all resist, Cd, eth. then when u use obsidian. it only some random affix and for sure none of crystal affix u dont want will pop up since u have it in epic ver on that item. block can only pop on OH, and now u block another 5 affix to appear. 6 affix down. ur chance of gettinh luck affix become bigger

OK thanks, this will help a lot!