Question about playing DQ on Bluestacks

Hey all, I have no idea if play on Bluestacks is supported but I’ll ask this anyhow, has anyone successfully configured their controller to work with DQ on Bluestacks? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get BS to even recognize my controller to be configured in the first place!! lol any help would be amazing.


Don’t use this game in the Bluestacks it will hiccup a lot. It happen to me.

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Thanks I thought that may be the case.

Well you do need a decently powerful PC to run them emulators smoothly and yes bluestacks isnt the best. I use MEMU and others. They all work the same way but with some slight differences or major differences in what they support as well as what android version and such.


Awesome, and do you use a normal usb controller with these? or another type?