Question about skills and blood magic

  1. If you change the weapon Heroic Skills either by using set (battle mage, spell sword and scoundrel) or amber, is it possible to level those skills by put point into the old skills that was replace by the new one?

  2. Is blood magic a good combo with defiant set and druid bonus?

  1. No. If your skill for e.g was meteor and that got replaced by whirlwind from Battlemage , the hero points in meteor will not apply to whirlwind. That means you have to add hero points into whirlwind via epic affix on pet or 10+ All Skills. In PvP, that’s +3 whirlwind hero point for eg.

  2. I can’t say whether it’s good or not as a combo but it’s worth a try. Defiant does sync well with Bloodmagic where it gives you another 15% DMG when you lose much HP combined with 200% DMG gained from bloodmagic. Both give more DMG when you have missing HP%.

For example.g, 50% missing HP means 100% increased DMG by bloodmagic and 22.5% DMG increase (7.5% increase from 15%).

Also defiant does reduce damage by 15%, and further as HP goes down. That Regen though .

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About Q2… If you get recovered by druidic bonus, your defiant damage will be less. Also, when you have very high HP values, you almost won’t notice druidic effects. Although, it depends what you’re trying to achieve

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