Question about Stashes

How does stashes exactly work?
And crystal / ms stash?

Still kinda confused

Thanks in adv

Crystal stash is for crystals only same applies to mythstones nothinh else can be placed there.

Those stashes are shared to all ur characters. Which means if u want to transfer ur items to another one of ur characters just put them in stash so the other character maybe able to acces it.

Can i share crystals for example, when i put it in normal stash, can i share it to other characters?

Yeah sure… But if u have a crystal stash and mythstone stash it would be easier since it is automatically shared between all ur characters

Hmmm… itching to buy another character, but no airtime yet :joy:

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I highly recommend it heheh itll be a lot more fun and u can also learn more about other characters.

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And it is automatically put in the crystal and mythstone stash , HAHAH you dont have to move it one by one :joy: