Question about the set affixes

hi noobie here, i’ve searched every corner in the internet and cant find a good explanation so here it goes, how can i upgrade the green stats from (1) to (5)? see example below green stat is ascendent (picture). and one more thing, if its a set that we need to upgrade the green stats where can i get those piece? do u have list of set for every character? thanks and more power.

You need to wear either:

-Nadroji trinkets which have +2 all sets
-Any trinket socketed with Elixer mythstone for +2 all sets

Any two combination of those (or just 1, should you decide to insert an Elixer to a Nadroji trinket) gives +4 all sets, +1 from the native set affix from gear = +5.

Another option is getting multiple pieces of the set. Like you have an armor and you can get the head piece, weapon, oh, amulet, ring.

but what ocenyx said is much more efficient to get multiple set affix (green affix)

here is a link of the legendex. you can also check this ingame with the legendex option.

Most sets come in 2’s or 4’s though… IIRC there is no vanilla 6-piece set.

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