Question about %

here what i want to ask…
1.what the base % of finding super rare legend without any % luck or nadroji set…??
2. does % in nadroji set apply to base % finding or count as % overall for exm:

if finding vac without nad is 0%… does nadroji (8) give 100% chance finding super rare?? or just calculate as
100%x base %

in plain word… does 100% chance finding super rare mean we always find super rare?? or there was other calc??

ty for answering my mess up head

finally… yooo hoooo… no more stun…


Think of it like this: it might be a 5% chance to find a rare legend… 50% rare legend find boost is the equivalent of 0.5+1. So that would be 1.5*5%(0.05)

As for the base find chance for rare legends, i dont have a clue… Id imagin it to be fairly low though since ive only ever found two maelstrom and one defiant items…


Are you gonna be jealous that I have 10 of them and one of them is eternal? Hope you do lol :slight_smile: