Question as Newbie because im confused

hi, pls help me im newbie
and im confused
1 . as the ETERNAL FOTUNE’S DPS was only 16.7k
and the Gauntlet 's DPS was 63.0k but when i wear the Eternal it gives me more damage than Gauntlet
can you guys explain me why and which is better pls??? farm or not. neither, i want better weapon

2 . why i cant get any crystal that can change the element? i’ve been farming for day/s. pls help me about this too. thank you so much.

First the damage that you see on those items are the base damage I think the damage you see on the actual gameplay is the damage per second. I really recommend you use the eternal fortune cuz you will get more items with higher rarity and more gold

Secondly the crystal that you’re looking for is called calcite you its a very common crystal you can start getting it like from floor 20+

thank you so much, the only thing i hate the eternal fortune is its not that really good Mobs killer it takes time cause its not that AOE compare to Gauntlet, but sure i will use it then.

but im farning that crystal since i was still in 99 floor until now im at floor 130 still i couldnt find any :frowning:

It will look like the one on the picture. Also you can but it at the shop

how did you hunt that much of golds? :smiley: im so poor i dont even have 1million gold lol

That crystal can be farmed before floor 100. From 100 and up it doesn’t drop anymore.
Just go to floor 80…buy challenge map, and do it until floor 100.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Farm the living s*** out of that game. You can also buy gold haha

lol why I got in when I was at floor 15? Lool :joy:

at every floor 100th floor, up to 500, you stop finding the lower Crystals. so at floor 100+, you stop finding Calcite. at floor 500+, you stop finding the 5 lowest Crystals. on the other hand, you start finding the higher Crystals, so it is a trade off. you could buy Crystals in the Shop (very expensive) convert higher Crystals to lower Crystals (less expensive than the shop) convert items into crystals, but only Epic and higher tier items are 100% get a Crystal, and the cost goes up depending on the items Tier. and I could be wrong about Epic. or just go to a low enough floor to farm for enough of the Crystal you need.