Question concerning Energy mythics and the blood magic set

So I’ve been working on a pvp set and decided to go for a blinkstrike oneshot rogue. I’m still busy collecting crystals and items (still need nadrojis ring -.-’) but have found a ‘mythic’ set item hat (the one with 4 sockets). Disenchanted the other affixes and turned it into an ‘energy’ mythic (replaces mana with energy). Now the question is: How does this energy system interact with the blood magic set affix?

Also, as I’m not quite done with theorycrafting, what other mythics do you suggest? (Brutal? The set that makes all your elemental attacks effective? The one that shoots rocks that knockback enemies?..)

Short answer: Not gonna work.

Long answer: Resource systems do not stack. Only the upper leftmost resource system gets active at any time, though Blood Magic overrides everything else.

So do I still get the 100% extra damage from the energy set or not?

He already told you only 1 of them will ever work. If you have Blood Magic, then Energy will do nothing.