[Question] elemental and weapon damage

  1. Can someone help me identify which of the below affixes are considered global effect.

100% poison damage
100% blight
+5000 poison damage
Element crit

  1. Does adding +5000 weapon dmg and +50% weapon dmg to your OH weapon have effect to your MH weapon’s primary and special skill? Does it make MH weapon skill stronger?

***Apology for asking these questions as i cannot test it myself right now due to limited items and crystals :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

ED affixes are global,whereas WD only affects the weapon its on.

I see…

So how about the effect of putting WD to OH? Does it really affect MH skills damage?

Because if not, i would rather load my OH with ED affixes… haha

I believe weapon dmg does effect offhand as well from my experience.

Element DMG is global.
Weapon DMG is exclusive to the part you have it on.
So If you have it on your MH it only affects MH DMG.
If you have it on your OH it only affects your OH DMG

Emman in regards to this, if I have Weapon Damage on my MH and I happen to equip Spell Sword (Fires Meteor / Can’t remember what the other was) instead of my main hand skills, does this affect that damage as well?

It will affect your meteors since it is still a MH skill.

Before anyone asks, it is the same with procs. If it is a MH skill, WD in MH will increase it, but WD in OH will not. and vice versa.

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Thanks Ocenyx.

Toss skill will mostly benefit weapon damage affix on OH.