Question on Max Affix Stats

Hi guys, I want to know what are the cap on these affixes:
Crit Chance
Crit Damage
Crushing Blow
Deadly Strike
Elemental Critical
Attack Speed

thanks :smiley:

If u try to make a build it will have the minimum an maximum that u could possibly get. Like I think crit is Like 0 to 50.

crit chance: 60%
crit dmg: 360%
crushing blow: 60%
deadly strike: 60%
Elemental Critical is unlimited
Attack speed: 60% I think…

Additional to CuzegSpiked :smile:

Movement speed is at 50%
Crit dmg at 350%
Attack speed is 60%

base on stat page elemental critical is at 40%

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thanks alot guyz! :smiley: I didn’t notice till awhile ago that you can actually check the cap under stats on your toon but not all.

Sir may i also know the stat caps of the following:
Elemental dmg%
Thanks in advance

There is no cap for this affixes.

Thanks for answering! :))