Question re: Enchanting for Sockets

Can sockets be applied to an item by using Sapphire to re-roll a Normal affix? Can they be applied by Enchanting using Angelite? Can they be added via Larimar?

If so, if the item already has 1 socket, can the reroll affix add a second socket or are multiple sockets only permitted when the item is initially created?

I’ve spent a ton of sapphires trying to add a socket to an item (to add one back actually, I was stupid and accidentally removed one of two sockets the item had by mistake) and had no luck (also tried to use Larimar a bunch to add, but eventually ran out of Kyanite to remove the affix when it wasn’t Sockets).

There’s actually a separate Crystal just for adding Sockets ( Jasper ). Rolling sockets isn’t part of the normal affix pool, but rather a different process that decides to randomly add 1-4 sockets when generating a normal - epic item, and roll the rest of the affixes from the normal or epic affix pool.

Then for Legend items, to make it even more confusing, instead of “Random Affix” it now has a chance to replace those Random Affixes with Empty Sockets.

Hope that makes sense.

It does, thanks SteigerBox. I had thought it was a Normal Affix given the yellow color of Sockets in the listing (and commonness of them on random trash stuff) but at least now I know not to keep blowing low crystals trying to get it and instead stock em up to eventually upgrade them to Jasper.