Question re: Mythical set

I have several items with Mythical set affix, which is supposed to “Increase Mythstone Drop Rarity.” I have never found an Elixer or Zenith Mythstone. I have to convert the lower ones to make them and it is really expensive, so I’d like this set affix to work.

However, when my characters wear these items, I do not see any difference. On the All Stats page, there appears to be a bug and “Mythical” is listed twice, but only one lists my actual Mythical number - the other lists zero. Also, on the Adventure stats page, the Mythstone stat shows 0%.

Can you guys please help me by explaining what is going on with these items? Are they working?

Also, do you have any tips to find Elixer and other ultra rarity mythstones?

Thank you!

Elixer and zenith are rare even with this set to the extreme you will want this set and to be above floor 500 for the best chance to get one to drop.

The all stats page lists 2 different versions because there is a set affix and then there is a mythic that buffs mythic skills damage both having the same name.

The set should be working currently but I will definitely look into it and make sure it gets fixed next patch if there is a problem with it :sweat:

hope that helps :smile:

Oh ok thank u Griffin! I didn’t realize it matters to farm the higher floors. Idk why ppl always say to farm Floor 200.

On the page Adventure stats, should wearing the Mythical set change the stat called “Total Mythstone Find Rate”? Maybe that is something else. I was just looking to find a place to see if it was working

I won’t truly believe til I find Elixer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know either those people are the weirdos =P and yeah that page should update that stat so it may be a visual bug or may just not be working which would be rather unfortunate I will check it out and make sure it is.

Good luck with the elixer hunt! :smile:

Cool thx

One last question - does it matter if the Mythical set is worn by the main or the hireling? Or will it contribute either way?

Only on main farming sets will only work on them :smile:

Haha ok. Can’t blame me for trying to put on both main & hireling hoping it’ll double my chances

You guys have a great game btw keep up the good job :slight_smile:

Agreed DQ is awesome as all hell :smile: