Question regarding Mythic items

So in order to make an item mythic it needs to have 4 sockets, you socket the correct gems for the recipe and the gems must stay in place for the mythic effect to remain? Is that the only way? So if I have an item I’m attached to with really nice affixes I need to replace them with sockets to make it mythic? Sorry for all the questions just want to confirm :smiley:

Once the item becomes a mythic you cannot remove the stones. You will have the 4 MS slots used leaving 2 spare places for affix’s.
Its a choice between mythic or affix’s, one or the other :astonished:

You could use an Odsidian on a mythic item giving you a crystal affix, along with amethyst for a set affix if you wanted :wink:

Haha that sounds awesome, and thanks for the quick reply!