I have a question. In how many days or of weeks will be update which elminate the following mbugs?

  • option ‘’ map always on ‘’ is not running
  • the button for including the map manually not always works properly
  • lags in floor 4-5 in act 1. Restarts of the application exactly on these levels, and jumping from floor 4-5 act 1 to act 2 floor 1.

I have good tablet.

Next bugs.

  • the game is more poorly optimized, on low fx and high I have the same amount fps
  • on low fx I don’t have restarts on 4-5 levels, but I have lags on the boss level
  • map is turned off after boss fight

Likely with 1.4.1, but we don’t have a specific date. There will be a good amount of fixes in that patch though, so don’t worry :smile: