Which is better in PVP ?
100%ED or 50 % Push the LimiT ?
And why ??

If depends on who you are against. If someone is stacking resists then probably not ED. If you have enough resource then maybe Push the Limit. Try experimenting with both and see what you prefer. That’s half the fun with the game! :smile:
P.S. when you find out let me know :wink: <3

depend on your build :smile: but most use ED

PTL increases your power more in pvp.

Now i know the answer 50% push the limit >100%ed
In pvp

Legendary ED and WD are rarely useful in arena.

Only Eternals can truly make them worth the investment, and even then it’s not that worth it.

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Push the limit

@Griffin012 tnx for the advice master

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Why you cant do skill when you have 50% barbarian if you are energy resource?

You can use skills with 50% barbarian when you are using energy but energy is hot worth using with barbarian because of the way energy buffs damage :smile:

I don’t understand sir, even i change my stat on mp it still not working? this is so complicated that gives me headache! Tahaha

Do you have push the limit as well? With 50% barbarian your energy pool gets reduced too 50 and it still costs 30 energy too cast specials so with push the limit it is very easy too make it impossible too cast secondaries

Yes sir on masochist amulet, still not working :persevere:

You should avoid both barbarian and push the limit if you are running a build that makes use of energy because energy’s damage buff is now based on the amount of energy you are missing :smile:

So the more energy you lost gives you damage buff? Well know I know.

1 more many question sir! LOL… why recovery helm did’nt work on mashochism helm sir?

It should if it isn’t that is a bug I will make sure too look into it! :smile:

sounds good! Because lately i delete the Masochism Set Affix then recovery still not working! Damn The Crit Damage Crystal Affix was just a waste.

Another question sir! I did’nt understand the ephipany set affix? What truly the use of that affix?