So with momentum it says increases your dmg of TOTAL movement speed so I figured since my cap is 50 for movement speed that it wouldn’t matter but it lowered my dmg from removing 60 to 50 movement speed? How can that happen unless it still raises your dmg even though its above the 50 cap I’m pretty sure it will lraise my dmg even if I have 100 ms

up to 60 percent is the maximun limit dude for movement speeed

Oh ok hey do you know if pathfinder can be rolled?

use jasper to change class on rogue class and use amethys to reroll that set


Pathfinder can be rolled with Amethyst on Rogue Items.

Momentum increases DMG 10% per Rank of Movement Bonus. total Move Bonus is up to 100% and I think can be increased by Epiphany. Move Bonus from Affixes & Dexterity Skill count towards 50% of the movement Bonus and can only go up to 50%. Move Bonus From Sets & Skills count towards the other 50% and I think you could get all 100% movement from these sources if you wanted to. movement from Talents and other sources I am unsure of, whether they count towards the affix/dexterity part of the bonus or the set/skill part of the bonus.

when I first started using Momentum, I thought I could get up to +100% DMG from 200% total Movement. after doing some research, I finally learned that Momentum only increases DMG based on your Movement Bonus, so +50% DMG max before using Epiphany, that is, if Epiphany affects the Movement Cap.

Edit: now that I think about it, Dodge from Talents usually count towards the Dodge Cap unless specified differently in the Talent description.

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