This is actually a question for @prettyboy… Dude how did you turn ragnarok into a dagger?

it’s coming from warrior’s Ragnarok (hammer), use jasper to convert it to Rogue.
For detail about conversion, please see this
Item Conversions (Jasper)
Wizard Warrior Rogue
Staff Sword Chakram
Wand Lance Flintlock
Sword Hammer Dagger
Gauntlet Axe Bow

Oh thanks…didn’t know there was another weapon called ragnarok as well…

Using Jasper bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya I know I just thought it was from a ragnarok chakram hahaha didn’t know warrior also had a weapon called ragnarok…anyway thanks for the reply bro

Btw, did u meet my rouge? How was he?:frowning:

I played him, all i have to do is stealth and he’s dead but if i dont stealth at te right time you win

Therefore, he’s so bad @.@ tnx for the feedback bro! Wats ur arena name btw?

Its not bad lol you got #1 a few times
My id is: Swens915
Im usually around rank 13-30
But my build sucks for defense so its an easy win

Just tried that vial, i dont think its working :frowning: gonna try vial with vanish soon.